Where Spa-Tacular Got Its Start

Spa-Tacular was inspired by one particularly special birthday party. Owner, Cherie, threw her niece a make-up spa party. With 9 girls all gathered together, Cherie created a fun spa environment for the kids. Everyone loved the birthday activities so much that her family encouraged her to keep going and throwing parties for more people.

This spectacular party wasn’t a fluke though, Cherie had the knowledge and training to pull off the perfect experience. She had spent almost 15 years helping women feel beautiful as a makeup artist for Estee Lauder Cosmetics and had taken an event planning course through the University of Richmond.

Once she found her niche with the spa parties, things started to grow. She threw parties for family friends while balancing a second job. She licensed Spa-Tacular in 2012 and ran a full mobile spa until 2017 when she opened her kids spa storefront in Midlothian, VA.

Now the magic that Cherie first created for her niece inspires and delights girls from all over Virginia and even from other states on the East Coast. Each Spa-Tacular party, spa day or special event receives all of the same attention to detail and dedication that parties for special family members and friends did.

What Makes Spa-Tacular Shine?

Spa-Tacular provides a wow factor for girls that they won’t experience anywhere else. The experience is over the top, creative, personalized and memorable. From the special Spa-Tacular robes and gentle kid-friendly spa services to customized sugar scrubs for your kids to bring home with them.

The space is bright, fun and exciting! Just like all the girls who come to visit.

Spa-Tacular is unique because it’s specially designed for girls, pre-teens and teens to celebrate their birthday, special accomplishments and more in style.

While the girls ooh and awe, snap pictures and create forever memories – moms, grandmas and any adults along for the ride can enjoy the virtually hassle-free experience. As a devoted mom and aunt – Cherie is especially intune with how much work a birthday party can be. Spa-Tacular is devoted to a seamless experience, all you need to bring is a sweet treat or birthday cake for the kids to enjoy!

Our Spa-Tacular Mission

Spa-Tacular works to provide an environment where girls can enjoy special treatments which will teach them to nourish their minds and bodies, help them be more confident, feel more beautiful, and most importantly, to always be themselves.

If you have a girl in your life who deserves some pampering, contact Spa-Tacular for parties and personal experiences that never fail to wow!