A Spa For Girls Ages 6 & Up

Spa-Tacular Parties specializes in individual spa services and group celebrations including birthday parties, special events, or a day at the spa with your best friend.

We book up almost a month in advance. Call to reserve your appointment today!


Closed August 14th - 22nd for summer vacation!

"The best birthday party my daughter ever had!"

Imagine your daughter’s delight as she and her friends experience their very own day at the spa!

Summer Spa? Yes Please!️

Join us through August 13th for a Summer Spa Special!

Summer Spa Special includes:

  • Gourmet Mani/Pedi Soak
  • Raspberry Lemonade Sugar Scrub
  • Marshmallow Creme Lotion
Lemonade will be served during pedicure.
This special is $35 per girl up to 5 girls at a time. For $10 extra you could add a Yummy Raspberry Yogurt Facial!

Ice Cream Pedicure

Summer is here which means it’s time for all things ice cream! We have a new Chocolate Chip sugar scrub flavor as well as the original Cookies & Creme sugar scrub on the bar which is made with real crushed cookies! Nothing can be more fun than this! Both smell YUMMY-LICIOUS so book your ice cream pedicure at Spa-Tacular today! We offer a gourmet pedicure which includes:

  • Pedi Soak
  • Sugar Scrub
  • Marshmallow Cream Lotion

Cookies will be served and we will offer something to drink. This special is $25 per girl up to 5 girls at a time. For $10 extra you could add a mini mani!

Spa Boutique Services in Richmond, VA

We are a party place and individual spa boutique in Midlothian, VA that caters to girls ages 6 & up, while offering quality retail merchandise, spa parties, events, and more. Our beautiful boutique creates a fun and trendy atmosphere that would make any girl feel spa-tacular.

Gift Cards Available!

Looking for gift ideas during the year? Our Spa-Tacular gift cards are perfect for all occasions including birthday parties, individual spa services and BFF spa days. Stop in our boutique to purchase one today!